Magic The Gathering - Modern Format
Magic: The Gathering

- Bring your Modern legal deck.

- 50 minute rounds (best 2 out of 3)

- 3 rounds per event, Swiss style.

*Additional rules for Covid*

- Hands must be sanitized upon entering the store and a mask that completely covers the mouth, chin and nose is required.

- Food and drinks are not permitted inside the store.

- Our washrooms will be closed to customers and players.

- Players must respect social distancing guidelines where applicable.

- Players can’t touch or exchange belongings (Including trading cards, touching board states, or rolling other’s dice.)

Prizes are paid out in store credit
3 wins - 0 ties - 0 losses - $17.50
2 wins-1 ties-0 losses - $12.50
2 wins-0 ties-1 losses - $7.50

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